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    Why should I be insured with FAB?
    You’ll get a battle-tested offer whatever your situation and requirements even in the following situations.

    Up to 99 years old

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    Documentation in less than 24h

    Visa accepted

    Visa accepted or policy refunded

    Fab French Insurance
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    Richard PayneRichard Payne
    09:55 28 Feb 24
    As an ex-pat living in France for many years, our experience with the team at Fab Insurance is exceptional. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and simply nice to deal with. We recommend them highly for your insurance needs whether short or long-term. They are extremely experienced with French Visa Requirements and can inform you about choices and insurance carriers. Again, they are simply the best!
    Guansheng DuGuansheng Du
    21:52 21 Feb 24
    David QuigleyDavid Quigley
    06:22 31 Jan 24
    Very responsive and knowledgeable on changing my medical insurance
    T WT W
    10:36 28 Jan 24
    We just wanted to pass along to others of our experiences with Fab Insurance that are in need of a reasonably priced health care insurance in France. Just plain outstanding and very professional. First class experience from start to finish. And extremely fair priced. Fabian and Marianne will answer every question you have and help you in every step of the process until you have your certificate to show you have health care coverage in France and all in a very timely manner. We highly recommend Fab Insurance. Thank you very much Thomas & Hilde Wilkens Magnac Laval France.
    Clarice CumminsClarice Cummins
    08:09 22 Jan 24
    If I could give 10 stars I would! I wish there was a service like this for more of the aspects of moving to France. My advisor Nannie Bellanger was available to me on more than one occasion to assist me and made the process as easy and seamless as possible. She’s a true professional and I can’t thank her enough!
    Adam GoldAdam Gold
    15:12 30 Nov 23
    These people are fantastic! I dealt with someone called Marianne. She was helpful and informative from the beginning (she really knew everything) and provided support right until the end of the process when I'd obtained what I was looking for. Seems like they provide great ongoing support too. I would definitely recommend them.
    Jean HeinemanJean Heineman
    10:17 19 Sep 23
    Our experience with Fab Insurance has been wonderful! Our agent Marianne responded immediately and very thoroughly to all our detailed questions over a period of a couple of months prior to the date when we bought the policy for our visa application. The application process itself was seamless. Thank-you.
    Marc Couling-EastonMarc Couling-Easton
    16:35 11 Jan 22
    Excellent insurance broker with very good customer service. Highly recommended.
    Martin JoelMartin Joel
    20:58 14 May 21
    What a positive experience. They were very responsive, and when one plan turned out to not work for us due to timing, they quickly offered another solution. We feel that they bent over backwards to meet our tight deadline. We are very pleased, and would highly recommend.
    Rob SpeakmanRob Speakman
    20:33 16 Dec 20
    Highly recommend fab French insurance. As well as giving a really competitive price, Fabien is really helpful, responsive and a true professional. Thank you!
    Lisa TierneyLisa Tierney
    10:27 31 Aug 20
    Novelia Assurance, & specifically Fabien, we're highly efficient, quick to deal with my request and very professional. Their website was easy to use, everything was clear, and it was a pleasure to deal with them. All my paperwork & communications were given in English so it was extremely helpful to me. Thank you, I will continue to use this company and would definitely recommend it.
    Julie LiveseyJulie Livesey
    16:10 26 May 20
    Fabien was extremely helpful to me when I was looking for health insurance 2 years ago. He speaks excellent English and helped guide me through several quotes for me to consider. I asked Fabien to clarify a few details I didn't quite understand before I actually signed up for the policy I chose and his replies were always prompt and clearly explained. l am very happy with Fabien's company and I highly recommend to others.
    Photo Fabien

    Our expert helps you to understand

    « In the wake of Brexit, most French consulates and embassies have tightened the rules (mostly for VISA applications), even for non-UK residents. Nowadays, it's twice as important to make sure you provide a compliant set of documentation, including the insurance policy which is why 82% of French VISAs get denied. »

    Fabien Pelissier, Founder of Fab French Insurance

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      Tested & Approved

      We’ve been fabulous for six years! That’s six years of providing fabulous, helpful service to our English speaking clientele and that’s what we’ll keep doing.

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      Fluent exchanges

      You’ll get a dedicated English-speaking contact who’s also a native French so that you’ll avoid the pitfalls and headaches of the system.

    • network
      Large network

      We work with more than 30 insurers and many more providers, so we can always find an affordable solution for each and every different situation.

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      100% made in France

      You didn’t come to France to be advised by people who don’t even understand French regulations! We are a small team based in France, and therefore we know all the tricky bits of the system. We can make your life as hassle-free as Frenchly possible.

    How fast can I get the certificate of insurance?

    It depends on the plan you’ll choose but our best selling plan comes without a medical questionnaire and can be paid with a card online so it can all happen pretty fast.

    Once the policy is signed off and the upfront payment secure we can send the certificate of insurance so on average the whole process takes 1 to 2 working days.

    What is the cost?

    Unfortunately the older one gets the more expensive the premium so its directly related to your age, we have the best policies in our portfolio so we’ll get you covered at the most affordable premium don’t worry. If you’d like to have some figures you can use our online calculator as listed above.

    Age limit, medical exclusions, who can be accepted?

    As a broker we have a solution in almost all situations. We have plans that are eligible up to 99 years old and also policies without medical questionnaires so everyone is welcome. Based on your specifics we’ll offer plans that can match your situation and are compatible for the type of visa you’re applying for.


    Our clients are from all over the world

    • United Kingdom
    • USA
    • South Africa
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • Europe
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    • Cyprus

    Which insurance do you need ?

    Moving to France? Make sure you and your family are covered for every eventuality

    Medical Insurance

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    Mandatory for your application

    Private health insurance is a mandatory requirement to get your VISA or carte de séjour (residency permit). 82% of failed applications are turned down because of the insurance so it’s best to work with insurers that know the French requirements to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

    Insurance for Residency permit

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    Required for your application

    Whether you’re part of the national scheme (social security) or not, you need to meet a certain level of coverage in order to apply for a residency permit. Depending on your situation, you may need private medical insurance or a simple top-up health insurance. Let’s find out using our online calculator.

    More than 50 partner companies

    Comparing private medical insurance across different providers can help you find an affordable policy for you

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Who is behind Fab French Insurance?

    We’re an independent insurance broker. Established in 2015 and founded by Fabien, we’re a small team of insurance advisors (in-house) located in the Southwest of France.

    What is considered a compliant insurance policy for VISA?

    Without going into too much details, French embassies expect to get an insurance certificate that covers the date of the VISA (with a mention that it is on automatic renewal for VLS-TS VISAs, for example). They also want to see a mention that “medical expenses” are covered at least up to 30.000€ (and no mention of an exclusion of any sort), no mention of any excess/deductible, and cover for public liability & repatriation.

    Who am I buying my policy from?

    You will be insured directly through the insurance company you’ve selected, although your broker (us) will remain with you all the time, whatever it is for your application, questions on the policy, claims, etc. We’ll always be there, and our advice will always be for free.

    Need help? Just ask!

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    We handle entire applications for you. Our partners have dedicated admin team that can push your application forward with the authorities and will give you regular updates.