fabulously easy.

5 Stars - Based on 124 User Reviews
Why choose us?
  • We’ve been fabulous for six years! That’s six years of providing fabulous, helpful service to our British clientele and that’s what we’ll keep doing.
  • You’ll get a dedicated English-speaking Broker who’s also a French native speaker so that you’ll avoid the pitfalls and headaches of the French system.
  • We work with more than 30 insurers and many more providers so we are always able to find an affordable solution for each and every different situation.
100% French

You didn’t come to France to be advised by people who don’t even live here! We are a small team based in the South West of France, all our staff are French and therefore we know all the tricky bits of the French system; we can make your life as hassle free as Frenchly possible.

No hidden fees

No one likes to be debited and told ‘the information was in the small print’. We believe in trust and transparency; you’ll know about any charges before they happen.

More than 50 partner companies
But don’t just take our word for it - listen to what our fabulous customers have to say!
5 Stars - Based on 124 User Reviews
I had a very good experience with Fab French Insurance. Having always insured my cars in the UK I... read more
Andrea Morando Avatar
Andrea Morando
We’ve used Fab twice, now. Once to arrange full insurance when we first came to France and this time,... read more
Richard Lambert Avatar
Richard Lambert
Marianne sorted me out very quickly for my mutuelle when I was in doubt as to whether I needed one... read more
Chris Pogson Avatar
Chris Pogson
They trust us
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