country list carte verte

When driving your French insured vehicle outside of France, one may wonder if the cover remains and what changes abroad? Most of the time the cover is identical abroad if you are in a country of the “zone carte verte”. You can even call your usual roadside assistance or breakdown cover and they'll assist you same as they would do in France. The only limitation is the maximum allowed duration of your stay abroad (with your vehicle) and that's often 90 days in a row.

Countries of the Zone carte verte

When you're insured in France you're provided with a green slip that you should stick onto your windshield (or windscreen) but that tiny bit also comes with something we call the “insurance card” or “carte verte”. That green piece of paper contains many useful information and should always be in your vehicle. On your carte verte you'll find a “grid” containing all the countries that are covered and unless there is a cross on it you can considered it's safe to drive there as you'll be covered same as in France.

The card will only display a “country code” (1 to 3 digits) and here's the complete country codes that are covered (unless explicitly crossed on your carte verte):

A – Austria AL – Albania AND – Andorra
B – Belgium BG – Bulgaria BIH – Bosnia and Herzegovina
BY – Belarus CH – Switzerland CY – Cyprus (except Northern Cyprus)
CZ – Czech Republic D – Germany DK – Danemark
E – Spain (incl. Canary Islands) EST – Estonia F – France (incl.
FIN – Finland GB – Great Britain / United Kingdom (incl. Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernesey & Gibraltar) GR – Greece
H – Hungary HR – Croatia I – Italy (incl. vatican)
IL – Israel IR – Islamic republic of Iran IRL – Ireland
IS – Iceland L – Luxembourg LT – Lithuania
LV – Latvia M – Malta MA – Morocco
MD – Moldova MK – Macedonia MNE – Montenegro
N – Norway NL – Netherlands P – Portugal
PL – Poland RO – Romania RUS – Russia
S – Sweden SRB – Serbia (except kosovo) SK – Slovak republic
SLO – Slovenia TN – Tunisia TR – Turkey
UA – Ukraine FL – Liechtenstein FO – Faroe Islands

As you can imagine this has been standardised all across the countries that are part of that list and an up to date (interactive) map can be found on the official managing organisation of the Green Card system and the Motor Insurance Directives (know as the CoB).