Long term visa

Much may have changed over the past two years. However, living in France remains the dream for many of us.

When you wish to live long-term in France you must apply for a visa before making a residency application. An essential ingredient of this process is ensuring that you can cover the cost of your healthcare in France – with proof that this is in place. That is why it is critical to take out medical cover (known as PHI – Private Health Insurance) which is visa compliant.

Let us look at how to go about it without the stress – so that you can focus on your new life in France.

Choosing your French visa

There are different types of visa to live in France… but which one is right for you? The choice depends on how long you are planning to stay, where you are moving to and your country of residence but here are the types of Visa in France:

  • The Long Stay Tourist Visa => 3-6 months or  6-12 months. Most popular for retired or people with no time constraints.
  • The Salaried Employment Visa => When employed by a French company (work contract and permit required to get this one).
  • International Talent Visa and Economic Attractiveness Visa => For artists, conditions can be tricky though.
  • Business Creation Visa => For the entrepreneurs… established or establishing in France.
  • Family or Foreign National Residing in France Visa => For family reasons or for the students.
  • Business Travel Visa => When traveling to France for business reasons and for a temporary duration.

Obtaining your PHI medical cover

Once you have decided upon the type of visa you are applying for, obtaining health insurance which covers the entire duration of your stay is the next step.

Getting the right type of medical insurance cover – which is fully compliant with your visa application – is so important as it may completely void your visa application and no one want to go back to square one, especially not because of an insurance policy.

If you need assistance, our team, together with our partners, can manage the entire process of applying for your visa and selecting the appropriate medical insurance policy.

You can find further information on our dedicated page for VISAs or VISA compliant insurance.

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